Soldotna Equipment Warm Storage and Maintenance Administration Building

Blazy Construction and WHPacific (as ASCG) worked within a limited timeframe to provide the City of Soldotna design and construction services for this design/build project.

The project required construction to commence before winter for 8,400-SF heavy equipment warm storage facility and a 1,800-SF administrative building.

This was a fast-track project designed and constructed within six months. The city was very pleased with the project and design/build team.

Blazy’s Role: General Contractor

Value: Warm Storage – $1.2 million; Administration Building – $322,000

Construction Duration: Six Months 2005-2006

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Reference: Steve Bonebrake, City of Soldotna

Architect/Engineering Firm: Ron Bissett, WH Pacific