AVTEC Distance Learning Center

The Design-Build Team of Blazy Construction and WHPacific (as ASCG) provided complete A/E services and construction for the 4,787 square foot AVTEC Distance Training Center. The Center was based on program requirements for topography and video conferencing that required acoustical control of interior spaces.

To provide excellent sound isolation from outside sources (STC 55+), we utilized slab on grade with solid grouted CMU exterior walls, interior furring and insulation.

The facility was constructed on conventional concrete foundations with a minimum burial depth of 42” below finished grade. Foundations were stepped to maintain the minimum burial depth. The floor was constructed with a reinforced 4” thick concrete slab on grade.

Specific attention was paid to areas supporting interior load-bearing walls subject to heavy loads from equipment.

Blazy’s Role:  Prime Contractor

Construction Budget:  $2.2M

Construction Period:  2006 – 2007

Delivery Method:  Design-Build

Owner: Kim Mahoney, State of Alaska DOT&PF

Architect/Engineering Firm: Ron Bissett, ASCG (now WHPacific)


Randy’s role was pivotal in this complex and demanding Design/Build project which was completed prior to the

scheduled completion date. Blazy Construction, Inc worked with AVTEC and Department staff members from the

initial concept stage and provided insightful guidance throughout the construction process.

Jim Horn, Project Engineer and Kim Mahoney, Project Manager, State of Alaska DOT&PF