Blazy Construction, a family owned and operated general contractor, has been building since 1959. In the past 6 decades, Blazy has grown to meet the need for a quality contractor, that has experience with logistical demands and unique construction time frames.

Blazy was originally started by an Alaska Homesteader, Tom Blazy, who grew the company into one of the larger construction companies on the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna, Alaska. The company was then acquired by one of the company’s carpenters, Kelly Keating, who worked his way up to General Manager and took the reins in 1996. Kelly continued to grow the company to where it is today by continuing the Blazy tradition of providing honesty and integrity in all its construction projects. Blazy now has completed projects all over the state of Alaska and Hawaii as we continue to grow.

Blazy is a business that prides itself on their greatest resource; a loyal and experienced employee base, they are able to offer unparalleled experience in the field and office, giving the feel of working with a small craftsman builder, on a large commercial scale.

Blazy Construction is a contractor who has taken on every facet of the construction industry and proven that with open communication, integrity and ingenuity, the intended project can easily come to fruition. We have experience with hotels, schools, churches, retail malls, retirement apartment units, office buildings, hospitals, visitor centers, and more.

Our acclaimed reputation for quality and value is proven through customers who ask to work with us on a repeat basis. Whether it be a College Technical Center, housing one of the only Process Technology Simulation classrooms, or a National Parks project in the Arctic Circle of Alaska, Blazy is committed to getting your project completed in a coordinated and timely manner.

At Blazy Construction we continually train our employees in programs, associations and institutes to keep on top of the ever-changing construction industry and the technology that changes it. We find it increases the end product and performance Blazy delivers to our clients.


Similarly, Blazy has performed on many different Design/Build projects through our DBIA-Certified Project Manager Randall Nelson. To maintain this certification Randall is continually involved in training and collaboration in the design-build professional community which keeps all Blazy Construction Project Managers abreast of the changing environment within.


Blazy is also a certified contractor in Healthcare Compliance. The healthcare industry is fast moving and can produce many risks for owners in construction. Blazy has the ability to assist those owners by understanding and addressing their legal obligations related to construction. Blazy performs projects in hospital and other healthcare institutions on a yearly basis so being able to provide a higher quality service is of utmost importance to us and our clients.

It is Blazy Constructions policy to establish throughout the organization, the firm and fully‐accepted concept that people and property are our most important assets, and the conservation thereof has management’s highest priority.

Blazy acknowledges and accepts responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. The company endorses the concept that this responsibility cannot be discharged passively but requires an active effort and support at every level of management through the continued review of its construction methods.

Blazy conducts safety and first aid courses for all employees. All job sites have a safety officer who ensures that all safety regulations and practices are followed. All employees on the job site are required to attend safety meetings led by the safety officer. Our employees are our greatest asset and we actively work to protect their health and welfare. Our subcontractors are also required to adhere to our safety policies while on the project job site.

Blazy Construction, not only, meets the requirements for OSHA but also exceeds them in many areas. Since we work within the oilfield industry as well as commercial Blazy has to make sure all the requirements of our clients are also met which supersede normal safety protocol. With our clients’ interests as a top priority Blazy takes on a zero incident mentality in which we all want our employees to be able to go home at the end of the day.

We also implement a drug testing policy for any field employee that works for the company. This includes a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening as well as random screenings while employed with our company.

Quality management is a dynamic process that requires all parties to be empowered to improve quality outcomes. Our goal is to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to quality control.

Although the superintendent is ultimately responsible for on-site quality, we believe that the entire on-site team is accountable for quality control. Responsibility starts with the Superintendent and applies to the entire site crew right down to the guy tightening nuts and bolts. With this philosophy, everyone is working with a watchful eye and a dedicated spirit.

If any quality control issues are noticed, they will immediately be reported to the Superintendent. On most jobs, this is rare because we deal with these problems at the source instead of at a later date.

Blazy holds weekly quality control meetings and safety meetings with all individuals working on the project.