Blazy Construction, a family owned and operated general contractor, has been building Alaska since 1959. In the past 5 decades, Blazy has grown to meet the need for a quality contractor, that has experience with Alaska’s logistical demands and unique construction time frames.

A business that prides itself on their greatest resource; their loyal and experienced employee base, they are able to offer unparalleled experience in the field and office, giving the feel of working with a small craftsman builder, on a large commercial scale.

Blazy Construction is a contractor who has taken on every facet of the construction industry and proven that with open communication, integrity and ingenuity, the intended project can easily come to fruition. They have experience with hotels, schools, churches, retail malls, retirement apartment units, office buildings, hospitals, visitor centers, and more.

Their acclaimed reputation of quality and value is proven through customers who ask to work with them on a repeat basis.  Whether it be a College Technical Center, housing one of the only Process Technology Simulation classrooms, or a National Parks project in the Arctic Circle of Alaska, Blazy is committed to getting your project completed in a coordinated and timely manner.

Blazy Construction is one of the only two AISC‐certified steel erectors in the state of Alaska. We also are a VP‐certified Erector Installer and our Design-build project manager Randall Nelson is DBIA‐certified. To maintain this certification Randall is continually involved in training and collaboration in the design-build professional community.


Blazy is one of the only two
AISC‐certified steel erectors
in the state of Alaska.


Blazy’s Design-build project
manager is DBIA‐certified.


Blazy is certified in Healthcare Compliance.  Blazy has the ability to assist those in the healthcare industry by understanding and addressing their legal obligations.

Safety Policy:

It is Blazy Constructions policy to establish throughout the organization, the firm and fully‐accepted concept that people and property are our most important assets, and the conservation thereof has management’s highest priority.

Blazy acknowledges and accepts responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. The company endorses the concept that this responsibility cannot be discharged passively, but requires an active effort and support at every level of management through the continued review of its construction methods.

Blazy conducts safety and first aid courses for all employees. All jobsites have a safety officer who ensures that all safety regulations and practices are followed. All employees on the jobsite are required to attend safety meetings led by the safety officer. Our employees are our greatest asset and we actively work to protect their health and welfare. Our subcontractors are also required to adhere to our safety policies while on the project jobsite.


Safety Record:

Blazy has never had a fatality on the jobsite; since 2012 zero days have been lost due to injury. We take safety very seriously and promote reporting all accidents. We perform work in the oilfield on a regular basis and are very familiar with the varying safety plans that are required.


Drug Testing Policy:

It is Blazy’s objective to ensure a drug and alcohol free workplace, which helps ensure a safe and productive work environment. To further this objective, we have established rules regarding alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace:


  • The company shall reserve the option to implement a drug and alcohol testing program at any time.
  • The manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, sale, purchase, or use of a controlled substance on company property is prohibited.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs on company property is prohibited.
  • Employees who violate this policy are subject to appropriate disciplinary action including termination.
  • The policy applies regardless of rank or position and includes temporary and part‐time employees.



Safety is critically important to every project we undertake at Marathon and the Blazy crew demonstrated excellent safety leadership and knowledge.


Todd Paxton, Construction Supervisor – Marathon Oil Corporation


Quality management is a dynamic process that requires all parties be empowered to improve quality outcomes. Our goal is to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to quality control.

Although the superintendent is ultimately responsible, we believe that the entire on-site team is accountable for quality control.  Responsibility starts with the Superintendent and applies to the entire site crew right down to the guy tightening nuts and bolts.  With this philosophy everyone is working with a watchful eye and a dedicated spirit.

If any quality control issues are noticed, they will immediately be reported to the Superintendent.  On most jobs this is rare because we deal with these problems at the source instead of at a later date.

Blazy holds weekly quality control meetings and safety meetings with all individuals working on the project. Our construction Quality Control program is designed to accomplish the following:


  • Ensure the work is executed to guard against defects and deficiencies and to substantiate that the construction complies with the project requirements.
  • Confirm that the actual materials and supplies delivered to the site and incorporated into the work conform to the specifications and the approved submittals.
  • Confirm that all installations are conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s written installation instructions and/or specifications and that installers are qualified to perform their work.
  • Confirm that the facility is constructed in accordance with applicable codes, industry standards, and in a manner that assures the longevity and integrity of the structure to perform as required.



Thank you for your quality work, commitment to safety, professional capabilities, response to adversity, and for providing a team of excellent people (including your subcontractors) whom we remain pleased to work with.


Paul Mendel, SEPCo HSSE Curriculum Director – Shell Exploration & Production Company


Blazy Construction, Inc. has been a licensed, general contractor since 1969. It was started by an Alaskan homesteader and then acquired by an employed carpenter, Kelly John Keating in 1996.

Blazy is a company for Alaskans, owned by Alaskans. Within 20 years, Kelly has grown the business alongside the growing needs of Alaska. Blazy’s positive interactions, accurate scheduling and effective project management lead to successful project completion.

Blazy offices are located on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, where the team of Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers, and office staff, service projects throughout the state. Be it Kotzebue, Port Graham, Kodiak Island, or nearer to home, in Soldotna, Blazy completes projects on time and within the owner’s budget.