General Contractor Services

Blazy Construction is a General Contractor serving all areas of Alaska and Maui County Hawaii. Blazy has built a reputation on quality and integrity within Commercial Construction for 60 years.

With our experience and deep knowledge in several project delivery methods, the Blazy team works hard to coordinate all aspects of the building process and keep the Owner, Architect, Subcontractors and Suppliers well informed of each phase of construction.

Working with top of the line industry programs our goal is to see the client’s vision into a reality by paying attention to detail and providing open communication. With our streamlined procedures, Blazy’s diligence and work ethic have led to our success and acclaimed reputation for our ability to provide outstanding service for our projects.

Blazy Construction has performed on many Design-Bid-Build projects. This method consists of the owner contracting with a design team and completing design before the project is put out to bid. The project is then awarded to the lowest bidding General Contractor. This method is Blazy’s most common method in which they acquire projects.

When awarded, Blazy works with the design team and owner to ensure the intended project is completed as envisioned. This cooperation begins with the scheduling of suppliers and subcontractors so that lead time for products allows the building progress to continue without interruption, a detailed task which is the foundation of the project.

Blazy’s track record of performance with these type of contracts has resulted in Blazy getting called from past clients to bid on other projects as they come out whether the projects are public or private. Owners have also started to request RFP information about companies to make sure previous project performance is considered as well. Blazy has been able to stand above in regard to our history in completing these type of projects.

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The Design/ Build method has the design team and the general contractor working under the same contract from the owner. With this method, Blazy and the design team are able to coordinate throughout all aspects of the process more collaboratively.

Blazy has a great reputation with working with different design teams on different types of delivery methods which results in Blazy having multiple relationships to perform on Design/Build projects. We work diligently with the design team to put together a seamless project for the client by performing constructability reviews, budget evaluations and value engineering to the overall project. This project delivery has been used primarily in the past to perform on expedited schedules in order to make otherwise impossible timelines.

Similar to all projects awarded to Blazy, as a general contractor, they facilitate open communication throughout every stage of the project, allowing for all interested parties to stay informed.

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The Construction Manager/ General Contractor method has the owner contracting with the design team and the general contractor separately. It is different than Design/Build in that they are contracted at the same time, but similar to Design/Build in that they coordinate throughout all aspects of the project. Blazy has performed on these type of projects by delivering the same Pre-Construction services of constructability reviews, project estimates and means/methods to perform the work.

With this delivery method Blazy has been able to see success by incorporating the same “Team” mentality that we incorporate on every project. By working closely with the owner, design team and other consultants typically brought into these projects during the preconstruction phase Blazy has provided valuable insight into how ideas will affect the overall construction process.

When moving into the construction phase Blazy has clearly defined objectives with suppliers and subcontractors involved in the project. By Blazy maintaining an attention to detail we have successfully integrated the collaboration needed to turn over a successful project for all involved. One of the advantages Blazy has used in the past is the ability to make clear deliverables so items are not missed resulting in issues further down the project. The foresight to look out for different potential issues in the future is key to make sure project success is reached for the different parties involved.

Blazy offers consulting services, as well as acting as General Contractor. Their Project Managers and Estimators can assist owners with conceptualizing a project, recommend superior services and ensure quality control methods are applied to mitigate problems. Consulting is an important precursor to every building project to ensure a realistic budget and time frame.

Blazy has experience with all types of commercial construction including Hospitals, Oil Field projects, College Campuses, Remote Lodges, and much more. This allows them to look at building with experience and knowledge, giving you the tools and construction team to make your project a reality.