Kenai Lake Work Center Incident Command – Multipurpose Admin Building

This project was a 5,200 SF wood framed single story structure located 24 miles out of Seward. The alternate delivery method utilized on this project was a two part proposal consisting of graded qualification packet and price proposal packet.

In this scenario, the government is only required to provide a debriefing to the proposer explaining their strengths and weakness; they do not reveal the price proposals. We have experienced very good success with the federal government on this type of procurement.

In addition to this project, we were the successful proposer on a small museum in Copper Center for the National Park Service and the Kodiak National Refuge Visitor Center listed above. The advantage to the owner in this procurement method is the award is not solely based on the low bid but they are allowed to consider past performance and qualifications as well.

In addition to an example of alternate delivery method this project also was a great example our knowledge and utilization of Seward work force. Of the six hands working this project, four them were residents of Seward and have continued to work for Blazy Construction on other projects.

Blazy’s Role: Prime Contractor

Construction Budget: $1,608,082

Construction Period: June 2006-January 2007

Delivery Method: Request for Proposal/Qualifications based

Owner: USDA Forest Service

Owner Representative: Karen Weidenbaugh, Contracting Officer


I have worked with Randy Nelson, Blazy Construction PM, on several design/build projects over the past few years. From the first project it was apparent that Randy was a very capable project manager as he dealt with Owner representatives, designers, subcontractors and plan review agencies. Over the years he has only gotten better and has invested time and effort in extending his knowledge of the design/build approach and has earned the DBIA designation. Randy continually refines his approach to design/build project management.

Kent Kohlhase, Contracting Officer’s Representative, US Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service