Kenai High School Pool Addition

This was a very quick design/build public facility project, which took six-weeks from beginning to end, including permits. The building was complete and ready for the installation of the simulator on the exact day we listed on our original work timeline. The owners were flawlessly using the facility at the end of the six weeks.

Both Blazy and ASCG put in the extra hours to make this project successful. ASCG provided complete design services for this design/ build contract to build a unique addition to the Kenai swimming pool.

The addition is unique because it houses the only system of its kind in Alaska: a system designed to simulate a sinking, inverted helicopter, used to train helicopter crews in safe underwater escape techniques. To accommodate the system, which can carry up to ten people, ASCG designed a beam capable of supporting a six-ton live load. The 20-foot high beam spans the entire pool; it is 68 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds. To avoid the long lead times and expense of a custom beam, ASCG modified a four-ton beam to support the additional load, which could then be delivered in two pieces and assembled on site.

The 432 square foot, one-story addition was designed to existing pool facility. ASCG designed the addition to be 32 thereby avoiding adding on to the original roof line, and providing a welcome visual “break” to the building’s massive size.

Blazy’s Role: Prime Contractor

Design Cost: $43,953

Construction Period: Six months beginning 4/22/2007

Delivery Method: Request for Proposal/Qualifications based

Owner: Kenai Peninsula Borough

Client: Survival Systems Ltd./Shell Oil Company

Team Members: ASCG- Bissett, Lindfor, Ferrari