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Kenai Community Library

The Kenai Community Library Expansion project was elegant and simple. The design followed an approach which introduced a less academic yet more familiar and social space.

The design consisted of a pure and rectilinear addition to the existing library with projecting nooks, fins, and canopies which resulted in a dynamic exterior design, while establishing private and comfortable spaces in the building interior. This design allowed for a cost-efficient construction while referencing to the vernacular architecture of an Alaska subsistence and commercial fishing community.

A successful melding of the library’s message, architecture, and landscape created a sense of place and experience unique to Kenai.

One of the goals of the project was to ensure that all the various components of the building functioned in harmony with one another with particular attention to the relation between the existing and the new building. While maintaining its identity, the existing building is a natural component of the new public library as a whole.

Blazy’s Role: Prime Construction Contractors

Construction Budget: $4,178,516.00

Construction Period: May 2010-June 2011

Delivery Method: Competitive Bid

Owner: City of Kenai

A/E Firm: ECI/Hyer


Mack Pate is always available and communications with him and Mr. Keating are easy and open. This is a marked contrast to other building projects I have been involved with. I truly believe that Blazy Construction, Inc. is pretty much the ‘gold standard’ and wish every library could work with them.


Mary Jo Joiner, Director, Kenai Community Library