Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a remote, luxury lodge on Judd Lake that is only accessed by helicopter or float plane. This job consisted of 6 new buildings and 1 addition to the existing lodge. The project presented a number of challenges including completing all construction in a 6 month time frame during the winter months in Alaska, so that the Lodge’s operations were minimally impacted. A 35 man crew was coordinated to fly in and out via helicopter or float plane on a rotating schedule. Materials were ordered, repackaged, staged, slung and helicoptered to the Lodge. Five of the newly constructed buildings were pre-fabricated engineered log builds that were ordered and shipped from Finland and constructed on site. Despite all the challenges of construction in a remote location and an extremely tight time frame, the project was completed on time.



Blazy’s Role: General Contractor

Construction Budget: $6,758,301

Construction Period: October 2016- January 2017

Owner: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

A/E Firm: Z Architects