Girdwood Alyeska Chair 6 Barn Reconstruction

The Alyeska Resort Chair 6 Barn Reconstruction included working from the existing foundation from the old Chair 6 Barn prior to burning down. In doing so Blazy had to redo some of the structural supports and also add an additional slab on grade with a cap on the existing slab. The concrete could not be trucked to the site, so this work required an onsite concrete batching setup by Davis Block and Concrete. The structure consisted of structural steel and engineered wood combination. Blazy also worked with Alyeska Resort to install the ski lift control module inside the building. Some of the specialties to the project included installation of track for ski chairs to be brought into the barn, a 12’ hollow metal door and frame and working halfway up the mountain side.

Blazy’s Role: General Contractor

Construction Cost: $ 1,500,000

Construction Period: Sept. ’16 – Nov. ‘16

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Owner: Alyeska Resort

A/E Firms: Z Architects, Reid Middleton, RSA Engineers