• Blazy Alaska Commercial Construction Project - Kodiak Visitor Center Exterior
  • Kodiak Visitor Center - Commercial Construction Project
  • Interior of Kodiak Visitor Center Commercial Construction Project
  • Upstairs - Kodiak Visitor Center Commercial Construction Project

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

This educational facility features 10,852 SF of interpretive display area, administrative offices, multi-purpose public meeting space, second story open air observation deck, public restrooms and an open lobby featuring a hanging whale skeleton.

This commercial construction project allowed Blazy to highlight some our more unique capabilities. Our in house casework team actually had the architect visit our shop to further refine the details of the wood work to ensure a consistent flow throughout the facility.

We utilized our drywall and paint personnel to keep the project moving forward when we ran into delays caused by structural steel and aluminum storefront conflicts. Had we not have had this capability to perform “in-house” we would have had a very difficult time convincing a subcontractor to work on only designated areas. The control of the schedule we gain by using in house ability is a huge benefit to us.

Blazy’s Role:  Prime Contractor

Construction Budget:  $5,565,000

Construction Period:  2006 – 2007

Delivery Method:  Qualifications Based Selection

Owner: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Architect/Engineering Firm: ECI/Hyer


Blazy Construction met and exceeded the contract document specifications, particularly in quality and performance. Blazy Constructions’ crews continually strive to provide their clients high quality service.

John T. Stricklan, P.E. PMP – U.S. Dept of the Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service